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January 27, 2010

Prof. Schrader talks about the SmartAssist Project at the 3rd German Congress on Ambient Assisted Living in Berlin.

AAL 2010

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Student Projects

At the ISNM we celebrate a fruitful combination of research and teaching. Many of our students are involved in funded research projects and in most of our courses we perform active project work. We also encourage our students to publish their work and are especially proud of the large collection of international publications at workshops, festivals and conferences. Some projects have received awards as well.

Please find below a collection of some of the student projects.

Please also check the Master Theses collection for many more theoretical and practical scientific projects.

Affective Virtual Patient Affective Virtual Patient
Training of social interaction skills
Mobile Infrastructure for location-based Services
Autophobia Autophobia
Alternate Reality Cinema
A/V-PreviewStation A/V - Preview Station
Wireless Hybrary Preview Station
Bakery Training Bakery Training
Training Videos for the City Bakery
Campus Memories Campus Memories
Learning with Contextualised Blogging
Cyberlounge Cyberlounge
Ubiquitous Campus Infrastructure
eyeJOT eyeJOT
Smart Campus
Fruit Salad Fruit Salad
Tangible Interface Game
Fruit Salad II Fruit Salad II
Tangible Interface Game
GeneLog GeneLog
Gene research and Blog/Vlog platform
Guardian Angel Guardian Angel
Tangible Interface Game
InfoVis InfoVis
Interaction Design for Business Strategy: InfoVis Trials
Interactive Library Table Interactive Library Table
Tangible Working Desk for Libraries
KnowCenterLabs KnowCenterLabs
Web Portal for the Know Center in Graz
LabScape LabScape
Passive Surveillance with Organic Design
LuebeckMuseums Luebeck Museums
Table-top Tangible Exhibition Interface
Mobile Cinema Mobile Cinema
Interactive Narration based on mobile Screens
Mobile Library Services Mobile Library Services
RFID-based Library Services on Mobile Devices
Mobile Media Collection Mobile Media Collection
Physical Mobile Bookmarking
Virtual Librarian Avatar
Context-Aware Ubiquitous Computing
Optical Book Page Identification
Paranoia Syndrome Paranoia Syndrome
Pervasive Mobile Multi-Player Game
Pictory Pictory
Pervasive Tangible Table-Top Game
Playa del Tango Playa del Tango
Cultural Festival at Timmendorfer Strand 2004
Projections Projections
Faces and Surfaces
RealMan RealMan
The Surveillance Reality Manipulator
SearchWall SearchWall
Tangible Library Information System for Children
Short Films Short Films
Digital Filmmaking Workshops 2003/2005
Smart Party Smart Party
A Pervasive Automatic DJ System using RFID
Tangible Archive Tangible Archive
ISNM Digital Project Archive
Tangible Books Tangible Books
Using Books as Tangible Interfaces
Transparenz Transparenz
Cultural Festival at Timmendorfer Strand 2003
Ubiquitous Surveillance Ubiquitous Surveillance
Ubiquitous Computing and Surveillance from a Cultural Studies Perspective
Waypoints Waypoints
Interactive Media Installation