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Open Positions

We currently do not have any open position.

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Former Staff Members

Alexander Carot Alexander Carôt
Research Assistant
Darren Carlson Dr.-Ing. Darren Carlson
Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Soenke Dohrn Soenke Dohrn
Research Assistant
Martina Edding Martina Edding
Library Assistant
Mindaugas Gapsevicius Mindaugas Gapsevicius
System Administration
Prof. Urs Gattiker Prof. Urs Gattiker
Professor for Informatics and Information Systems
Dr. Oliver Grundei Dr. Oliver Grundei
Managing Director
Joachim Hasebrook Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Joachim Hasebrook
Professor for E-Learning & Work Design, Academic Director
Annette Heinsohn Annette Heinsohn
Project Administration
Bernhard Jung Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Jung
Professor for Media Informatics
Inga Juntermanns Inga Juntermanns
Management Assistant
Claudia Kloth Claudia Kloth
Brigitta Krauss-Tessarotto Brigitta Krauss-Tessarotto
Student Office
Dr. Imke Lode Dr. Imke Lode
Programm Manager, Lecturer Media & Society
Gerold Muhr Gerold Muhr
Manager Education
Prof. Dr. Andreas Schrader Prof. Dr. Andreas Schrader
Managing Director
Katharina Steinau Katharina Steinau
Management Assistant
Jürgen Theisen Jürgen Theisen
Managing Director
Bettina Tischel Bettina Tischel
Hubertus von Amelunxen Hubertus von Amelunxen
Academic Director, Lecturer Media Theory
Hans von Sichart Prof. Hans von Sichart
Professor for Design
Matthias Weber Matthias Weber
Research Assistant