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January 27, 2010

Prof. Schrader talks about the SmartAssist Project at the 3rd German Congress on Ambient Assisted Living in Berlin.

AAL 2010

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Guardian Angel

Tangible Interface Game

Guardian Angel

Prof. Dr. Andreas Schrader

Boy Avianto, Darren Carlson, Brian Egan, Nicole Kohlrausch, Ranjan Shetty, Abdul Ahad

Tangible Interfaces, Pervasive Games

The game concept of Guardian Angel was developed within the Game Design course of the ISNM in 2004 and is based on the idea of guiding a virtual figure across a tight rope. The walker is attempting a new world record by trying to make it across the biggest valley in the world. The player acts as the tightrope walkers' Guardian Angel and helps him keeping his balance as he makes his way across the rope.

The image of the valley and the walker conceived as a Flash movie is projected onto a wall so the game player is immersed in a virtual environment. The balancing pole becomes the tangible interface. It works by a rotation sensor at its centre that responds to the 'balancing' motion of the player as he/she moves in front the image on the wall. The project was realized using hardware rotation sensors with USB interface. Flash events are generated and used to trigger respective animations.

More information can be found at:

  • Bernhard Jung, Andreas Schrader and Darren V. Carlson
    Tangible Interfaces for Pervasive Gaming
    2nd International Conference of the Digital Games Research Association.
    Changing Views: Worlds in Play
    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, June 16-20, 2005