Research at the ISNM

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Ambient Computing Group founded

Since January 2010, the ISNM research is transferred to the University of Luebeck. Prof. Schrader leads the new working group Ambient Computing at the Institute of Telematics.

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Research at the ISNM

The ISNM performs media technology-related research in the era of Ubiquitous Computing or Everywhere Computing as defined by Mark Weiser. Our projects focus on questions, like

How can we use digital media in a world of interconnected, smart daily objects (Internet of Things)?
How do we ensure business relevance and cultural acceptance?
How do we organize ubiquitous media production, processing and perception in the fascinating challenge between the virtual and the real?

In the last years we have realized a large number of media projects covering aspects like Interactive Digital Television, Live Internet Music, Tangible Interfaces, Pervasive Games, Mobile Cinema, Ubiquitous Computing Infrastructures, Context-Aware Services, Affective Interfaces, Smart Hybrid Libraries, Ambient Environments, Rich Internet Applications, Interactive Museum Technology, Competence Transfer, Interactive Business Intelligence and many more.

Please see the list of projects on the right menue for details about most of our projects.