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Education at the ISNM

The ISNM does NOT offer any educational programs anymore. Please do not apply!

The ISNM was an affiliated institute of the University of Luebeck. We performed a number of postgraduate educational programs in close cooperation with the University of Luebeck and other academic partners.

At the ISNM we followed the general idea of combining research and education. Students of the ISNM did actively participate in our research projects in order to acquire state-of-the-art knowledge. At the same time, project concepts and results are presented in class and within projects of the educational programs.

The ISNM offered a broad spectrum of educational programs. From 2002 to 2008 we hosted the Master of Science in Digital Media program. This interdisciplinary and intercultural program combined skills in media theory, design, technology and business to create new media experiences of the future.

In the European project "e-Culture" we offered courses for actors in the cultural domain.

The ISNM also performed summer schools on technical informatics in the baltic region. The DAAD sponsored BaSoTi (Baltic Summer School on Technical Informatics) is a joint project of the Universities of Bremen, Rostock and Luebeck in cooperation with local institutions of the baltic states.

In addition, the ISNM hold several workshops, seminars and other educational events. For more information about our programs and lecturers, please select your preferences on the right.