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Master of Science in Digital Media

From 2002-2008 we offered the Master of Science in Digital Media programme. This interdisciplinary and intercultural post-graduate programme combined skills in media theory, design, technology and business to create new media experiences of the future.

The master degree was internationally accredited and granted by the University of Luebeck. Thus, students have been enrolled in the State University of Luebeck while benefiting from an excellent student-teacher-ratio, 24/7 access to the library of the McLuhan Documentation Center and state-of-the-art laboratories at the ISNM.

!!! After six successful and also exciting years of studies and research in the area of digital media we decided to stop our Master of Science in Digital Media programme. Please do not apply for this programme any more !!!

The 4-semester curriculum combined information technology and computer science with economics, the natural sciences, arts and humanities, social and applied sciences in the field of digital media. The rigorous programme was entirely conducted in English. It placed great emphasis on key competences, intercultural education, team spirit and leadership, interdisciplinary project work and cutting edge research. Social responsibility and sustainability are essential concerns in the development of all research questions and projects.

The list of modules contained:
Media Technology, Information Systems, Interaction Design, Media and Society, Research Methodology, Computer Graphics, Ubiquitous Computing, Web and Multimedia Design, E-Business in Networked Economies, Market Communication in E-Commerce, IT-Security and Intellectual Property, Organizational Psychology, Collaborative Work, Learning and Qualification, Intercultural Project Management, Digital Film and Video Production, Digital Music Production, Artificial Intelligence, Game Design, E-Culture, Digital Libraries, Media Streaming, and Selective Topics in Digital Media (e.g. Interactive Television, Social Computing and Web 2.0, etc.).

The M.Sc. in Digital Media programme was accredited according to the European standard of Masters programmes following the Bologna Treaty. It followed the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) in terms of its 120 ECTS credit point (CP) system, modular structure and grading scales. A fruitful mix of established full-time professors and numerous international guest lecturers ensured high quality in education.

Details about the programme: