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German Brand Academy Shanghai (GBASH)

Sponsor: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
Partners: Design Factory (Hamburg), Jiaotong University (Shanghai)
Project Team: Prof. Dr. Andreas Schrader, Gerold Muhr
Duration: 5/2009 - 4/2011
Subjects: Brand Education, Education Export

Goal of the GBASH project is the development and realization of the German Brand Academy Shanghai as an institute for vocational training in China. Target is a three year vocational training offer in the area of Brand Design and Brand Management. The courses are offered as "Vocational Training - Made in Germany" with a clear establishment of the respective associated quality in China. Practical learning experiences ("Transfer Learning") and the consideration of the specific challenges in the chinese educational and job market are specially emphasized.

Overall goal of the project is to succesfully establish these educational offers on the chinese market until automn 2011. Benchmark is the creation of the "German Brand Academy Shanghai" as one of the core western quality leaders in the topic area in China, especially in the business region of Shanghai with about 19 million inhabitants. Currently, Brand Protection, Brand Development and Brand Piracy are hot topics. "Brand Education" is intended to generate a value chain for the whole German export industry and it's respective branded products in the medium to long term.