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It is a pleasure for us to work with so many gifted and motivated people from around the world. See here, whether it is a pleasure for them as well ...

Haneen Tamari (Palestine/Syria) Generation 2005: MSc. Haneen Tamari (Palestine/Syria):
"I joined ISNM because i was looking for a program that focuses on New Media and Art. Yet, when i was there, i found out that the actual program is a wider combination of areas that are fundamental in processing any media-project; Culture, Art, Technology and Management. At the time, it was not easy to absorb this combination, but right now, I do appreciate every single information I have learned in there. Simply, it has broadened my scope in a way that would have required much more time in another program. Eventually, i feel today confident enough to work in a team accomplishing a media-project, learning how to work on my task but also being aware of other team members' tasks, a quality leads to a successful media-project management.

Proudly, many projects and researches my colleagues and I have worked on in ISNM, have been accepted in international conferences and academic publications. The most I enjoyed in ISNM was meeting students and teachers from world wide, many of whom became friends for the rest of my life."

April 27th, 2009 (Vancouver, Canada)

Ileana Veronica Hulea (Romania) Generation 2006: MSc. Ileana Veronica Hulea (Romania):
"What i found special about the ISNM was that it was the school of ‘today’ and ‘tomorrow’. Our topics in class referred precisely to the impact and transformation determined by the digital revolution helping us broaden our perspective and understand how digital media is produced and used.

Going through technical details (from colour spectrum to XML schema) was not always easy but it was absolutely necessary and looking back, very useful. I enjoyed the variety entailed in the course including the digital law module, IT security, computer art, online marketing and many others. Also it was great being challenged to be creative and to perceive the next step in future technologies.

Now, i see the school as framework that provided various directions and resources from which people were invited to define and develop what they were interested into. For me was digital marketing and web analytics which led me to a career change in that direction.

In addition to the courses I had the chance to meet wonderful and inspiring teachers who never hesitate to help us grow and improve.

It was a joy to meet colleagues from all over the world, being able to share our cultural backgrounds while working together.

Overall it was an incredible experience and i am grateful i took part in such a program."

May 4th, 2009 (London/UK)

Michal Janiszewski (Poland) Generation 2005: MSc. Michał Janiszewski (Poland):
"ISNM is a great place for people looking for interdiciplinary, intercultural and intellectual adventure. When I look back at what the programme gave me, I see how I was introduced to the modern world of multimedia, what hadn't happened in a trivial way. The curriculum covered technological, psychological, humanistic, philosophical, management and art-related topics and served as a great source of knowledge.

I feel that during the two year period in Germany, every day I learnt something new and my ability to use the new knowledge was challanged in a pleasing, yet demanding way. Some lectures were focused more on theory, while others required practical work.

Students were given a chance to cooperate in multi-national teams to meet goals and deadlines. I have very good memories about the projects I was involved in. We were given freedom to use our creativity and present outcome that meets the given task, but also reflects our personality. ISNM gave us a chance to display the result of our work for a wider audience thanks to the Open House days, where we could exhibit our projects and talk about them. Some of us even managed to participate in international conferences and gained even more attention.

Apart from the scientific life, there were of course other students and everything that comes with it. We could share ideas, learn about other cultures, and simply be friends for more than just these two years. I'm happy to be part of this community, as a student before, and part of the alumi now. This programme has shifted the perspective at which I look at many aspects and gave me the courage to work in the field of new media."

June 10th, 2009 (Warsaw/Poland)