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Luis Eduardo Bustamante (Colombia)

Luis Eduardo Bustamante

Generation 2005
Expertise Freelance web and multimedia design, video editing, Personal artistic work, cultural events management.
Education BA in visual arts
Bio I've always been a curious person, interested in different fields of knowledge, but with a clear tendency to focus on everything from a thoughtful and sometimes weird perspective, which oscillates between art and something else. I have a BA in visual Arts which i completed in Bogota, Colombia.

I have reached some expierience in what I do, by working in diferent web projects, and in personal Artworks as well, that have been shown in different spaces in Colombia since 2001. I've also worked as a video compositor and have had some experience producing cultural events (assistant producer) such as the Colombian „39 salón nacional de artistas“(National Artists Salon).

Currently I am enrolled in a Master of Sc. In Digital Media at ISNM -Lübeck/Germany-, where I am focusing on what I like: to think a lot, work for fun, learn nice informatic tools from time to time, and try to make some work that will astonish the world.
Focus Experimental interaction design, multimedia development, ubiquitous computing systems, personal research on contemporary mythologies and machine-related fears and behaviours. Work on digital art exhibition systems and intercultural exchange projects.