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Mantas Talmantas (Lithuania)

Mantas Talmantas

Generation 2005
Expertise film, photography, 3d animation, web design. i have worked on documentary films:
Shenzhou VI - documentary film
Here and now - camera/directing/post production
also worked on short films:
erotomotto (director A.Bukauskas);
Surgeon’s Love- (director A.Bukauskas) as 3d artist
Education I have graduated from Vilnius M.K.Ciurlionis Art School. During my studies I took lessons in painting, sketching, sculpture, design, and drawing. Afterwards I entered photography school, where I learned theoretical and technological aspects of photography. Also, we had a great deal of practical work with different cameras and photo processing techniques. Recently i graduated from Vilnius Art Academy. There I studied photography, video art, documentary films, and did some web projects.
Bio I have worked in a small advertising company named altss (alternative screan) which produces commercials, and short movies.
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