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Layda Gongora (Mexico/Canada)

Layda Gongora

Generation 2005
Expertise Graphic Design, Video Production, Post-Production
Education BMA Media Arts, BDES Communication Design
Bio Layda Gongora is a Canadian/Mexican media artist and graphic designer. She has done research with the University of British Columbia into mobile devices and their impact as part of the Vancouver Mobile Muse Network. Recently she completed a residency at the Banff Center for the Arts in the Creative Electronic Environment lab where she assisted artist Dan Graham edit a piece on corporate garden atriums. She has also worked with other artists to realize large scale per formative and interactive public art pieces As a media artist and graphic designer Layda uses collage montage and an interdisciplinary approach. She chooses projects, which work towards empowerment through the use of media. Utilizing video, digital technologies, typography and design she wants to explore the current media scape through experimentation and research. When she is not doing freelance work for her company hybridmedia she enjoys doing research, designing and making art related to these activities. She would like to be more engaged with the interactive arts and design community in Germany.
Focus Layda’s main area of focus is the architectural and cultural space which society inhabits and how this is forming new interfaces between humans and digital information. She is interested in the boundary between virtual architectures and the architecture of cities.
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