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Michal Janiszewski (Poland)

Michal Janiszewski

Generation 2005
Expertise Web design, 3D Graphics, Advertising, Management.
Education MA in Management Warsaw University/Management Dept.
Bio Born on 24th of June 1981 in Warsaw, Poland. Graduated from Fifth Ks. Józefa Poniatowskiego High School, culture and language profile. Since September 2000 has worked as a freelance designer for various companies and institutions. In 2005 graduated from School of Mangement (Warsaw University). During his studies he has taken a part in an international student exchange programme Erasmus.
Focus During past years he has been interested in different fields, for example marketing, management, computer graphics, web design, multimedia etc. and now he wishes to specialize to acquire competitive advantage. He believes curriculum available at ISNM will enhance his past experiences giving a boost to his professional carrier. He wishes to combine three forces: knowledge acquired at School Of Management, skills connected with his past professional experience and knowledge and practical skills offered by ISNM.
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