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Muhammad Ahmed Siddiqui (Pakistan)

Muhammad Ahmed Siddiqui

Generation 2003
Expertise 3D modelling and animation, web design, video post production, network support and designing and data security.
Education B.C.S Bachelor In Computer Sciences /MCSE Microsoft
Bio Im come form Pakistan (Karachi) and I have Bachelor degree in Computer Sciences, and also I have MCSE Certifications for Microsoft. I worked in an IT Company as a Network Admin/Junior Programm and also worked in web design / network support. Currently, I changed my track to Digital Media Computer Graphics 3D Modelling / Animation and Video Post Production and I'msure I will do my very best for this new field.
Focus After completing my Master in Digital Media my plan is to proceed for the Research dissertation towards pursuing a Ph.D. in the field of Digital Media And after my Masters I will be able to face inter cultural skills that are increasingly required in addition to technical knowledge and I can also face the product development and production and challenges of my country.
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