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Nicole Kohlrausch (Germany)

Nicole Kohlrausch

Generation 2003
Education Diplom-Informatikerin
Bio In 1996 I graduated in Computer Sciences and Business (Diplom-Informatikerin) at the University of Hildesheim, Germany. I worked for seven years for several software companies as Presales Consultant, Productmanager, Projectmanager and Key Account Manager. My decision to enrol in a postgraduate master degree in digital media at ISNM was based on my career plans to change from the software branch into the more creative multimedia branch. I expected to gain more experience in several digital media technologies and thus to get ready for an entry into a leading multimedia agency. I choose the ISNM because it provides a variety of digital media subjects in a unique combination. In addition I wanted to improve my social competence because nowadays we all have to learn how to work efficient in interdisciplinary and multi-cultural teams. Due to the globalization trend you need to have international experience to be competitive on the job market. So with my studies at the ISNM I will get the necessary international work experience abroad and I will improve my English. Therefore I will be well prepared for the future demands on the digital media job market.
Focus I used the semester breaks for some practical work in several internet agencies to gain practice in conceptual web design and project management. After finishing the ISNM I’m planning to work for an international agency as a project manager. In the long run I would like to establish my own business.