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Mohamadou Nassourou (Camerun)

Mohamadou Nassourou

Generation 2003
Expertise Electrical and Electronic Engineering; robots, kinematic analysis
Education 2000, Bachelor of Science, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Islamic Institute of Technology, Dhaka Bangladesh
2005, Master of Science, Digital Media, ISNM at the University of Lübeck
Bio A native of Cameroon, Mohamadou came to ISNM from the University of Kassel where he had begun a Master in of Science in Electrical Communication. Considering digital media the primary technology of the future, he decided to leave Kassel for Lübeck to pursue his Masters degree here. Due to his engineering background, programming skills and strong German language knowledge, he was able to take advantage of additional course offers at the University of Lübeck, especially the Institute for Technical Informatics (ITI). Thus, besides his ISNM studies he participated in one of the research projects of ITI’s director, Prof. Dr.-ing. Erik Maehle, on walking robots. In consequence, Mohamadou wrote his Master Thesis on the design of a digital joint controller for a dexterous climbing robot. Currently, Mohamadou is exploring various options to stay in Germany to pursue his PhD or to return to his home country to continue his career there.
Focus Web application; especially virtual communities and online libraries.
Politics impacts on architecture and consequently on the societies.