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Cornelia Schrader (Germany)

Cornelia Schrader

Generation 2002
Expertise Fashion production and presentation, illustration, organization of different fields of knowledge for collaborative work.
Education 2002-2004 post-gradual studies in Digital Media at the ISNM and Master Thesis with Dräger AG in Lübeck/ 1996-2002 Fashion-Design studies at the University of Arts, Bremen/ 1998 internship with the fashion company of Nannette Lepore, New York City/ 2000 internship with the textile-design studio of Ute Walliser, Munich/ 1995 German Abitur, Bremen/ 1992-1993 living and studying in Alberta, Canada
Bio I was born on May 7th, 1976 in Bremen, Germany. A fascination with the meaning and making of clothing initiated the fashion-design study. At the University of Arts in Bremen, I experienced the significance of clothing, and developed an artistic attitude towards fashion. On the CEBIT ?02 in Hannover I became acquainted with ISNM. From that time on, I was curious in the potential of clothing combined with digital media. A Master Thesis which contextualizes information technology and future live-preserving textile accessories concluded my ISNM studies. Since July 2004, I assist in the development of a textile based breathing device at Dräger AG, Lübeck.
Focus Sharpening my senses and using my creativity are personal ambitions of mine. The fusion of digital media, electronics and textiles has my attention as far as new sensations with clothing make life truly better. Otherwise, I will definitely keep on moving within the tangible world of clothing and art.