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Denise Brennan (Canada)

Denise Brennan

Generation 2002
Expertise Technological aspects of political and social activism
Education B.A. Communication Studies, Specialization in Visual Dynamics, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada MSc. Digital Media, ISNM, Luebeck, Germany
Bio Specialization is for Insects. Transplanted from South Western Ontario to Montreal for her undergraduate, a town she now considers her adoptive hometown. She has been a retail shoe sales representative, a waitress, a lab assistant, primary caregiver to a wide variety of reptiles and mammals, a grade school science instructor, a teaching assistant, a graphic designer, a video editor, a PR associate, an online journalist, an event planner, a dog walker, a cat sitter, a one-night DJ, a press liaison, a German to English translator (believe it or not), a Mac lab administrator and most recently, a political candidacy press manager and grant writer, and that´s just what she´s done for money. At the time of this writing, she´s in Vancouver, Canada, but will hopefully be at work with the trinity session in Johannesburg, South Africa by this time next year
Focus Very little. Inspired by and interested in anything that leads to travel, and anything that promotes democratic political engagement, denise is involved in a number of ongoing projects, including the political exhibition project "America vs. America", and press management for the first municipal election campaign of the Work Less Party. As activism doesn´t really pay (in cash), she is also currently at work writing grant proposals for independent artists and non-profit organizations, and walking dogs.
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