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Ileana Veronica Hulea (Romania)

Ileana Veronica Hulea

Generation 2006
Expertise Digital Marketing, GIS, IT management Solutions for Tourism.
Education Bachelor of Science in Geography, University Babes Bolyai Cluj-Napoca, Rumania. Erasmus student at "University of Applied Sciences", Nürtingen, Germany.
Bio I graduated the university with a Bachelor in Geography which opened the digital world for me. I learnt how the real world can be abstracted and transposed in a digital form, from satellite images of the Earth to an interactive digital map. I kept exploring this field at University of Applied Sciences in Nuertingen where I contributed to the design and visualization of a a wind park located in the Swabian Alp. I worked for two years in the field of IT Management Solutions for tourism industry. In parallel i developed web search engine optimization skills and worked for my company’s hotel reservations portal. That period of time determined the shift in my career towards digital media in general and search engines optimization in particular. I joined ISNM master programme to get an expertise on e-business.
Focus Digital marketing, Web 2.0, Mobile marketing, Media technology.