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Jekaterina Novitskova (Estonia)

Jekaterina Novitskova

Generation 2006
Expertise Advertisement, Culture.
Education 2006 University of Tartu, Estonia:
- Major degree in semiotics and culture studies
- Minor degree in Media and Advertisement Arts in Tartu Art College.
Bio I was born in Tallinn, Estonia, former Soviet Union. My life has been shaped by my interests: music, cinema, graphic design, digital multimedia, books, culture studies, ideology and politics, astronomy, fascinating people and cultures. So now I am a social scientist and media critic who is extremely interested in collision of new media, creativity and politics. I am constantly developing my multimedia designer skills. My work has been shown at several exhibitions and festivals. Besides the university I’ve been doing the project for Estonia’s biggest film festival BNFF for 3 years: collecting the data on festival’s visitors and analyzing it in order to develop better marketing strategies for the festival.
Focus Interactive Multimedia Art and Multimedia Education, VJ-ing, Graphic Design, Information visualisation, Ideologies.
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