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Stefan Beck (Germany)

Stefan Beck

Generation 2004
Expertise Webdesign / -programming, C++ Programming with Qt / COM, Databases
Education I graduated in Information Technology at a so-called "Berufsakademie". During my three years of study, I also gained practical experience in programming and web-design by developing international business applications and implementing intranet web sites for a company for office furniture.
Bio I was born and raised at 17th June 1982 in South Germany in the "Schwarzwald". After the graduation at the technical Grammar School in 2001, I decided to study information technology within the interdisciplinary field "Media- and Communication Technology". Actually, the study was more about programming and technology than about media or design and that imbalance is what I want to adjust at ISNM. I also go in for many sports in my free time. The range reaches from soccer over Asiatic sports like taekwondo to workouts in the fitness club.
Focus I am interested in the use of new media and design in order to create ambitious and attractive web sites. The vast amount of media equipment and the great learning environment here offers me all the opportunities, I need, to gain a maximum of knowledge in these topics. My special focus is "Impact of the Internet on Social Capital".