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Supriya Maheshwari (India)

Supriya Maheshwari

Generation 2004
Expertise I'm a programmer of C++, PHP, Mysql.
Education I finished my bachelors of computer application in june 2004. It was a three year course which gaves me the insight of the computer world and how it operates. We learned the basic concepts of computer architecture, operating system, computing algorithms. Before that I did my higher schooling as science and computer science as I my main subjects.
Bio I came from Delhi the capital of India and I was interested in the world of digital media as it is the science of tomorrow, and that is the reason why I came to join this course of Digital Media. I hope to get the most advanced teaching and guidance here in ISNM. As I just completed my bachelor in June 2004 I don´t have much of practical experience. A part from studies I used to play basketball and handball at national and school level. I have always been involved in the constructive activities like college functions, social activities and organizational work of the classes. I always believe in affection, sincerity and humanity.
Focus I plan to join certain fields in the digital media, which gives me full satisfaction for creation and constructive work. I would like to join the companies, which encourage the new young generation who have zeal to reach to the top of life and career. I will like to devote and dedicate my life for the constructive and creative work of digital media.