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Boy Avianto (Indonesia)

Boy Avianto

Generation 2003
Expertise New Media Designer, Programmer and Architect. Web Standards Evangelist.
Education Hold a Bachelor of Architecture. Experienced and trained professionally as a journalist, computer programmer, writer, lecturer and designer.
Bio An Architect by formal education and a New Media Designer by professional experience. Gained various work experience as a journalist, computer programmer, lecturer, writer and designer during the previous 8 years. The need for a more structured and formal kind of higher education which also related to my previous working experience and also my main interest in the development, process and philosophical view of new media are the main reason of going back to graduate school, at ISNM.
Focus Researching the connection between architecture and digital media and how that connection create a rapid change in architecural way of thinking, designing and experience while enhanced digital media field with knowledge from architectural field. Doing research abroad at Carleton Immersive Media Studio, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
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