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Brian Egan (Ireland)

Brian Egan

Generation 2003
Expertise Architecture, digital media in architecture .
Education Diploma in Architecture, Dublin Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Architectural Science, School of Architecture, University of Dublin
Master of Science in Digital Media, ISNM at the University of Lübeck
Bio Having worked as a Project Architect until joining the ISNM in fall 2003, I was especially interested in exploring the possibilities of creating an architecture beyond the built environment. Digital media’s potential and possibilities to envision and enhance human environments and communication fascinate me and have influenced my project work at ISNM. In my Master Thesis, I have investigated the impact on various digital media on communication in urban environments, contesting the much feared claim that ICT will diminish human exchange and personal contact in cities. Rather, I suggest, if urban spaces and centres are permeated by or even created around digital media, ICT is demanding and developing new forms of human exchange and encounter. Following up on my thesis, I am in the process of shifting my work as an architect toward urban development projects that allow this vision to be pushed further and put into reality. Currently, I am seeking to do this in a project on one of the inner city streets of Lübeck, Hüxstraße, together with ISNM.
Focus Architecture, digital media in urban environments, urban planning and communication.