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Former Lecturers

Luis Negron van Grieken (Venezuela) -

Luis Negron van Grieken (Venezuela)

Field Interactive media, digital video technology, media theory, computer graphics and animation, image and sound production
Education Master in Interactive Systems at the University of Barcelona. Dipl.Ing. in Electronic media technology at the Technical University of Ilmenau
Bio Professional experience: 2003 – 2005: Digtal media engineer and project manager at the Köln University of Fine Arts.
2001: motion graphics production at Mediamutant, Berlin and at Perfect Cut Post Productions, Caracas.
1997 – 1998: Technical director for dynamic systems, compositing and 3D graphics at EFX Post Productions, Caracas.
Teaching experience: 07.2005: Lecturer for Multimedia content programming at the workshop “Identity and electronic media” in Cieszyn, Poland. 06.2005: Guest lecturer and project manager in “Seminar 4bit” at the University of Weimar 01.2005: Guest lecturer for the “Introduction to MAX/MSP/Jitter” seminar at the University of Weimar
10.2004: “Performance with digital media” workshop at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kattowice, Poland. 04.2003: Talk and presentation at the International Student Forum EMAF 2003 at the European Art festival in Osnabrück.