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Rangga Winantyo (Indonesia)

Rangga Winantyo

Generation 2005
Expertise Freelance graphic design, web design, video and photo editing. Programming using OpenGL and C language. Freelance photographer. Database Management
Education Bachelor of Computer Science in Information Technology from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.
Bio Born on 16th of November 1980 in Jakarta, Indonesia. After receiving my bachelor's degree in 2003, I worked as database and web administrator in Jakarta. In October 2004, I went to Goettingen, Germany. I stayed there and learnt German language for about 9 months. Currently working at ISNM as an assistant in -Image Movie- Project.
Focus My main target is trying to improve the virtual reality and artificial intelligent (AI) technology. These two aspects connect really close. I would like to make the distance between the virtual world and the reality world become really close, or maybe it would be no gap at all. In this situation, AI plays as the most important thing. Virtual world without a good AI, it’s only a plain 3D animation.