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Varvara Guljajeva (Estonia)

Varvara Guljajeva

Generation 2006
Expertise Media and society, media and culture, media festivals, digital video and photography.
Education BSc. in IT Systems Administration at Estonian IT College.
Bio First experience in IT I got from my secondary school where I did some basic programming and graphic design. After graduation I decided to study IT because this area was very fast growing and challenging for me. I got from there the basics about binary world and what most important, i understood that whole web is not just about technology. Cyberwrold has its own culture and tries to become as real or even more real than the world. Accordingly my goal is to study web phenomena and get an idea what impact has Net on our society. Speaking about digital media technology, I make use of it in order to satisfy my creative desires and tackle certain social issues. I mainly use video and photography. I am very thankful that I was granted the Bockholdt ISNM Baltic and Eastern Europe Scholarship which enables me to further specify on Digital Media.
Focus I would like to focus on media arts during my studies. It is extremely interesting how innovative is this area at the moment. Find the use of digital media in social field.
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