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Ankit Saha (United Kingdom)

Ankit Saha

(United Kingdom)
Generation 2005
Expertise Advertisement, Culture.
Education B.Sc. in Mathematics Imperial College London
Bio D.O.B 16/6/84, New Delhi, India. My family immigrated to the UK when I was six. After completing school education and an undergraduate degree in the UK, I was keen to broaden my horizons and was inspired by the prospect of studying at the ISNM. The course curriculum, modern approach and of course the opportunity to study abroad were key reasons in my decision to study here.
Focus My long term aim is to qualify as a lawyer with specialization in international e-business, IT, and legal aspects of cutting edge technologies in general. I feel the international dimension of the ISNM together with the scope of the course will enable me to develop a firm background in view of my future legal aspirations.
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