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Mariano Senna da Costa (Brazil)

Mariano Senna da Costa

Generation 2004
Expertise Executive-editor of ICT-Environmental related Projects
Education Bachelor in Social Communication in the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Florianópolis / SC, Post-Graduation in Management and Marketing in the Administration College of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Porto Alegre / RGS.
Bio 2003-2004 - International correspondent in Germany for the Environmental News Agency Ambiente JÁ (www.ambienteja.com.br);
1999-2002 - Executive-director of JÁ Editores, small company of alternative publications and Projects in Communication branch in Porto Alegre / Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil;
1997-1998 - Moved to Porto Alegre to work with a team of journalists from JÁ Editores as reporter;
1996 - Manager of -Estado de História- Project - Digitalization for 90 years of history of the O Estado newspaper in Florianópolis/Santa Catarina - Brazil;
1995-1996 - Special reporter for Amanhã - Magazine from Porto Alegre / Rio Grande do Sul) in State of Santa Catarina;
1994-1995 - Executive-Director of Project -Latinidad - Magazine for Latin-America Integration-. This project was the final work of Bachelor degree in Social Communication at the University;
1994 - Special reporter in Economy for the newspaper O Estado (Florianópolis / Santa Catarina);
1991 - Start to work as reporter in the business magazine Expressao in Florianópolis (Santa Catarina).
Focus My research project at ISNM Master Programm is to map and analyse the flows of environmental information in the internet, considering how are the informations systems at scientific institutions toward to environmental discussions working.