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Abdul Ahad (Pakistan)

Abdul Ahad

Generation 2003
Expertise Software System Designing, Interactive user interfaces and Multimedia programming.
Education Bachelor of Computer Science from National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (FAST-NU) with a focus in object oriented programming and database development.
Bio Since 1998 when FAST-NU provided me the opportunity to get into the world of software engineering I always find myself oriented towards it. My research work in speech recognition using multiplayer perceptron has also been published in IEEE Student Conference 2002. Before joining ISNM for higher education I joined SystemSoft and was responsible for various successful projects within the field of database development.
Focus My focus is to bridge the gap between current E-Learning systems and virtual reality. As a part of my research I would like to go into the details of ubiquitous computing as well. I would like to bridge the gape in between Elearning and My focus lies within the filed of ISNM was my first choice in electing a place for my Master degree because of the reason that the course contents are aimed to prepare both for research study and for specialist employment in digital media industry. The real beauty of ISNM's curriculam is that it provides you an opportunity to master yourself in the field you are interested in.