Link Collection

Please find below some useful links to the digital library world. This list is by now means comprehensive and is just intented to give some starting points. We are constantly updating this collection. Stay tuned ...

Regional Libraries

  • Scientific Library at the University of Lübeck
  • Scientific Libraries in Schleswig-Holstein

    German Library Ressources

  • Karlsruhe Virtual Catalogue (University Library Karlsruhe, 100 million international entries)
  • Library Toolbox (Comprehensive Link Collection, Köln, german)
  • Virtual Library Karlsruhe (German Virtual Web)
  • Düsseldorfer Virtuelle Bibliothek (Library Collection, german)
  • Subject Guides (Braunschweig University Library, german)
  • Deutsche Internet Bibliothek (general bibliographic resources, german)
  • GVK - Common Union Catalogue (Union Catalogue of seven German states)
  • ZDB - Zeitschriftendatenbank (Journal Database, 1.2 million entries)

    Other Resources

  • CiteSeer (Scientific Literature Digital Library)
  • LLEK (Scientific Search Engines)