Introducing Mobile Media into Social Work with Challenged Children in Social Behavior

1st Supervisor: Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Michael Herczeg

2nd Supervisor: Prof. Dr. phil. Bodo Lecke

The aim of the master thesis is to introduce mobile game-based learning scenarios as a new method approach at-risk children. The study is designed as a process and contains several stages in order to introduce the technical and peagogical aspects of Moles (Mobile Learning Exploration System) to the social workers. Moles support a playful approach that, on the one hand, challenges and motivates the children, an on the other hand, enables social workers to educate and pedagogically influence young people. Thus, mobile game-based learning scenarios can help at-risk children to cope with their behavioural problems. The paper introduces specific target dimensions that were applied in the evaluation. Accordingly, the study describes the effects of introducing mobile media into social work with at-risk children.