The Human Sensor - A new Perspective on Real-time Data Acquisition for Mirror World.

1st Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Andreas Schrader (ISNM)

2nd Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Stefan Fischer (University of Lübeck)

In a community, we usually share almost everything, good or bad experience for example. There are a lot of things we can also share or discuss about, whether the topic happened in the real world or occur in the virtual world. Why so many people joined the virtual world as they already bored with the real world, because the real world feels more virtual than the virtual world itself. People tend to create their own world that feels comfortable. Internet offers tons of benefit in term of communication via the virtual world with unlimited range of facilities; the only problem is how to use it. It can be use towards positive and negative. Many things can be found in the virtual reality world, from the design of the building in accordance with the real world, added with element of a virtual fantasy to increase the enjoyment effect, to a virtual community. We can join the community to share experiences from any instance story of the news or music, where the topic came from real world. When we join an international community, usually the language is a common problem that usually exists. The exploration is actually more to the user on how to utilize the Internet’s facilities so that it becomes a virtual world that we want, but somehow we have also have real world which sometimes also feel more virtual compare with the virtual world itself.