High Dynamic Range Images as a New Trend in Image Based Virtual Reality

1st Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Jung (ISNM)

2nd Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Andreas Schrader (ISNM)

Since the invention of QTVR authoring tools in 1995 until now many ideas of using this technology have been applied or at least thought of. QTVR as interactive virtual reality browser has been used in the Internet for long time until now. Another technology (which is HDRI) that relates to the lighting and digital photography had emerged since 1998. Unfortunately, many of the tries to get the benefit of combining both technologies to make better quality of the virtual reality files have been failed. Besides, QTVR has now many panorama stitching programs that can make one of three panorama projections (cubic, spherical, and cylindrical) besides the unclosed panorama. Unfortunately, they have deficiencies in some fields. Some of these deficiencies are like, limited panorama projection shapes, almost all of them canít deal with the new HDRI technique and almost all of them canít integrate 3D objects in the same movie not as composed images. This research is addressing the case of using HDRI as a new trend of using image-based virtual reality. Furthermore, it is showing the best way to show better panorama results using HDRI technique.