Scientific Information on Environmental Issues in the Age of Digital Media

1st Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Joachim Hasebrook (ISNM)

2nd Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Richard Scotti

This paper consists of an investigation about the past, present and future of internal structures and processes of scientific information production and its management, with the focus on the analysis at institutions of environmental studies. Considering three dimensions of the communication process at academic institutions (technological, cultural and institutional), the research drawn near a philosophical review about some relations (economic, political and social) among these dimensions and therefore examine some aspects of the specialized information production and distribution. The research is focused in some aspects of everyday scientific activity, considering a gap between the studies of science and technology, history, philosophy and sociology. The challenge is to build a multi related approach to deal with the fact that even technology is not reducible for the scientific method. The passage of scientific method to a technology and after that to its application could be the way of handling with scientific applied knowledge in the future.