Architecture in Digital Space, the Possibility to (Re)build the Unbuilt

1st Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Hubertus von Amelunxen (ISNM)

2nd Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Jung (ISNM)

The use of digital media in architecture has been taking place for more than two decades. From the use of digital media as mainly a tool in the era before 21st century to the use as the main mean to design and to explore new possibilities, that are not possible in the past by using the conventional mean, today. The distinction between digital architecture, virtual architecture and physical architecture is become less and less visible and meaningful while the understanding of space itself begin to evolve into something the human civilisation has never seen before. The digital content creation gives the possibility of new exploration and innovation in the field of architecture. The combination of the advance of digital technologies to design with the advance of computer calculation based manufacture create another level of possibility for architecture. The immersive capability of digital media is also become an interesting subject in the field of architecture not just because the nature of architecture itself but also the ability to create an experience that is not possible with conventional architecture. The question of why digital architecture is important for the future needs to be answered soon. Not just because it is important to know what will become of architecture in the future but also to generate awareness among architects that the arrival of digital media is not something to be afraid of but to see it as a big opportunity to re-create and re-define architecture for the new century. There are also some questions concerning why immersive is important enough to be considered and also why create a non-existence experience for the contemporary architecture.